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5 Tips for Aspiring Writers


You decided to become a writer. Great! So, now what? Here is a list of five tips to help get you started.


1. Get a notepad. Buy a notepad to keep with you. You never know when an enticing idea will strike, and if you wait until you get home that idea may be lost for good. A notepad is also a great place to record quotes that you really like, or an interesting conversation you overheard while at your favorite coffee shop. Any of these can then be used as you write that novel or essay.


2. Purchase a dictionary, thesaurus, and The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. 4th edition. These are valuable tools to have on hand as you write. There may be a word that you’re not sure of its meaning (dictionary); or, perhaps you need a variation for a word (thesaurus) that you find yourself using often in a single writing piece. The Elements of Style book is a must-have for any writer with limited knowledge of grammar and writing techniques.


3. Read, read, and read some more. Every good writer is also an avid reader. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Read as many different forms as you can: novels, essays, articles and poems are some general examples. You may want to also keep a reading journal of the books you read. Over time, you will discover that you favor one form, a particular genre, or an author over the others.


4. Experiment. In order to grow as a writer and find the right niche, you’ll need to experiment with various forms. Start with the ones you are most interested in and go from there. You will notice as you study various authors is that some write multiple forms while others prefer only one. It might be a little hard to figure out with some other topics, but these easy research paper writing service  topics are very useful for you if you don’t have enough time to find them yourself. 


5. Get involved. Writing can be a lonely career. You may find that you desire feedback on a particular piece you’re working on; or, perhaps you’re curious about what strategies or techniques work for various successful authors. You can get any or all of this by participating in a writing group. Many of these are found online. Here are two to get you started: Writer’s Digest Community and Writers Cafe.



As an aspiring writer who’s starting out, remember this is a journey and not a race. Allow yourself to grow and experience all that writing has to offer, and you will be successful.